How Do I Start An Online Business At Home

If you’re thinking about starting your own online business then you have probably asked yourself these two questions

  1. How do I start an online business at home
  2. why should I start a online business

well the truth is everyone who works online today probably asked those questions, I know I did. So I will answer them for you as best as I can. I can’t give you any magic recipe for success like those self-proclaimed guru’s do, I can just tell you what work’s for me.

How do I start an online business at home

Well the answer to this is straight forward enough, find a training program that suits your needs. There are lots of training programs out there varying in price from free to thousands of dollars so make sure you know what you’re signing up to.

The best free program I know of is Wealthy Affiliate which I am a member of myself, not only do you learn all about building your own online business but they also give you two free websites.

There are a few good programs priced at around $50 a month such as ( click the link to read my review on the program )

  1. 12 Minute Affiliate
  2. Perpetual Income 365
  3. ClickBank University 2.0

then you’re getting to the more expensive programs that are around $1000 ( one of payment ) such as

  1. Commission Hero
  2. Super Affiliate System

Now all the above programs are excellent training programs but I suggest you stick to one that’s within your budget. I personally am a member of two of those programs being Wealthy Affiliate and ClickBank University so I can personally vouch for both of them being great programs but I also know people who use the others and they all give positive feedback about those programs.

There are other training programs out there but like I said before most of them are self-proclaimed guru’s who will charge you a fortune and teach you next to nothing so do your research before joining any of them.

why should I start a online business

Benefits Of Having Your Own Online Business

  1. Your the boss
  2. Time Freedom
  3. Earn more money than you did working a 9-5
  4. Travel the world

OK so there just some of the benefits of an online business, I can’t tell you why you should start an online business only you can do that but I can tell you why I started an online business.

My Story

It was 4 years ago my partner was working abroad in Dubai and I wanted to be with her so I saved £10,000 over 6 months then I bought myself a one way plane ticket from Manchester to Dubai with the plan of finding a job when I get there.

What I didn’t know was that you can’t get a job in Dubai unless you have a degree, even stacking shelves in a supermarket or working in a KFC you need a degree.

So I got to thinking how am I going to earn a living so I can stay in Dubai with my partner and after doing some research I landed on the idea of starting my own online business.

Now this is the bit where I did exactly what I warned you not to do earlier and fell for a self-proclaimed guru which ended up costing me thousands of pounds and forced me to leave my partner in Dubai and return to England alone and wasted a year of my life.

Thankfully after I parted ways with the so called guru I joined ClickBank University 2.0 and Wealthy Affiliate and by combining the two I know make a good living online, I should point out this doesn’t happen overnight it takes time to build a business but if your dedicated then you should be getting a decent return within 12 months.

I would like to mention also that there was a happy ending for myself and my partner as we know live together here in England and have 2 beautiful children.

I hope this has been helpful for you and please feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments section below and I will get back to you.

Gary David


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