How Difficult Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is no different to any other business, if you try to go at it alone you will struggle but if you learn about your chosen business then you will be successful with the right attitude and determination.

So how do you learn about affiliate marketing? well it’s the same way you learn about any business, you take a course.

The best way to learn anything in life is to find someone who has been where you are now and are where you want to get to, learn from them what worked and what didn’t work.

If you can find a mentor then that’s great but if not there are many courses out there you can take, most of them are reasonably priced. You just need to be careful that you sign up to a proper course because there are a lot of scams out there just after your money.

I didn’t learn how to be a successful affiliate marketer alone, I tried for a long time to do it alone and failed time after time. It was only when I started to take courses that I learnt how to be successful in affiliate marketing.

I have taken many courses over the past few years and I always learn something new which helps my business.

As I mentioned earlier there are many scams out there but I have written reviews on all the best courses available which you can read below….

Wealthy Affiliate

When you become an affiliate marketer you get your own personal link to the product that your trying to sell but you need people to click that link which means you have to advertise it. The most common forms of advertising are paid adverts on Facebook or google and other similar platforms but this can be very expensive.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to advertise for free by building your own website. The training is done by video tutorials which talk you through every aspect from creating your website to setting it up for seo to how to research keywords and even how to right an article or review.

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ClickBank University 2.0

If your like I was and new to affiliate marketing then this is a great place to learn, basically you will learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing from Facebook adverts to building landing pages and building email lists.

The training is done through video tutorials and there is also a community so you can ask other members any questions you might have, the community is very helpful especially for the new members.

When I started with ClickBank University 2.0 I had been working with other affiliate programs for the previous two years and hadn’t made a single sale but within the first month of being a member I made half a dozen sales which paid for my first years membership.

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Commission Hero

Commision Hero is an affiliate training program which teaches you how to make money without having your own product email list or even a website, instead you learn how to make sales using Facebook.

Robby Blanchard is the number one affiliate on clickbank which basically means he’s the best affiliate marketer on the planet right now so there’s no one better to learn from and he gives you his three top secrets in the free webinar so its definitely worth a watch.

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Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System is a training platform that shows people how to make successful affiliate marketing campaigns.

People (ADS) They teach you how to make successful ads and also give you ready made ads that you can just copy and paste, They also give $895 in FREE AD CREDITS to everyone who signs up so you can get started risk free.

Place (Presell) They give you working downloadable presell page templates, they also have click and clone clickfunnels templates which make it easy for new affiliate marketers to get started.

Product (Offers) They guide their students to the highest converting offers and the best networks, They also give students access to high-ticket affiliate offers that produce recurring revenues.

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12 Minute Affiliate

12 Minute Affiliate is a done for you program meaning once you have set it up which only takes an hour or two it basically runs on auto pilot and you can sit back and relax why it does the work for you.

It uses landing pages to build your email list using and then sends out multiple offers to that list and when people buy those offers you get the commission.

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Perpetual Income 365

What is perpetual income 365 about? It’s a plug and play system for newbie’s to affiliate marketing, basically it’s email marketing done for you. It help’s ordinary people with no experience earn a full time income online through affiliate marketing.

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So to the best of my knowledge these are the best courses available today, I am enrolled in two of them myself being Wealthy Affiliate and ClickBank University 2.0.

It is thanks to these two platforms that I am where I am in my business today so I recommend them to anyone interested in affiliate marketing, that being said I have heard very good things about the other programs I’ve mentioned here.

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy but if you educate yourself then it doesn’t have to be all that difficult either, in my experience success comes down to education yes but also to work ethic and determination to be successful in your business.

If you really want to be an affiliate marketer to get away from your 9-5 and be your own boss then you will make it happen as I have and countless others have.

I hope this article has been helpful to you and please feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments section below and I will get back to you.

Gary David

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