CEO Movement Scam

Is CEO Movement A Scam

I was a member of ceo movement for over a year and I think the best way for me to tell you about ceo movement is to simply tell you about my time with them.

It was 2016 and I had just left my job of 15 years and moved to Dubai to be with my partner because she was working out there, I had worked every hour going and saved up for 6 months before going there but Dubai is a very expensive city to live in so I was running out of money fast.

I was struggling to find a job there because all the companies want people with degrees and I don’t have a degree, my 15 years of experience didn’t seem to matter so I was trying to think how I can make a living when nobody will hire me.

After a while I had set my mind to trying to make a living online, I just wasn’t sure how to do this so I started to research how to make money online.

I came across a lot of opportunities but most of them just seemed like scams then I read an advert about a guy called Steven who like me was trying to make a living online and he was doing so with ceo movement.

I spent weeks talking to Steven about ceo movement and he made it sound like a dream opportunity, unfortunately I ran out of money in this time and had to return to England leaving my partner in Dubai.

Once I had found a job and could afford it I joined ceo movement and started my training with them, I did learn how to set up an ad’s manager on Facebook and how to create an ad but that was about as far as there training went.

Between my joining fee and my advert fees I spent thousands of pounds but I never made a penny in over 12 months.

At the time I was new to all this online stuff so I didn’t see anything dodgy about my coach being in control of all the email addresses I collected through my ad’s, he explained that once we had there email address I had done my bit and he would send them emails to try and sign them up and I would get the commissions when they did sign up.

After a while I started to notice new members in the group that apparently my coach had signed up yet they were there on my email list so basically he was stealing my sign up and my commissions.

So is ceo movement a scam? absolutely it is, basically the people at the top get rich because the people at the bottom pay for all there adverts and then they steal your commissions.

ceo movement was created by Nate Wells and run by him along with Rob Brautigam and Ryan Felix, my coach was Adam Gateley, all these men plus a few more are very good at convincing people to part with there money and there all getting rich in the process.

As I write this I am not sure if ceo movement is still going or if they have finally been shut down but I do know some of these men named above have started another group on Facebook called “conversions for coaches and client businesses marketing sales and scale” all I can say is stay away.

Now if you would like to learn about making your own online business with a legit training program that offers free memberships I recommend you read my review of Wealthy Affiliate were I am a member and have been for more than two years now.

I hope this has been helpful to you and please feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments section below.

Gary David

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