Affiliate Marketing VS MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you advertise a product (usually a digital product) that isn’t your own product and when you make a sale the owner of that product will pay you a commission. The size of the commission differs from product to product, it could be 10% or 90% or in some cases even 100%.

Affiliate marketers advertise these products in a number of different ways, usually through Facebook ads or google ads, my personal preference is through my website and my YouTube channel.

What Is Multi Level Marketing

In a lot of ways MLM is very similar to affiliate marketing in the fact that you market your products the same way although the products with MLM are usually a physical product.

The difference is that not only are you trying to sell your product but your also trying to sign up other people to sell your product, the more people you sign up the more money in commissions you will earn.

Which Is Better Affiliate Marketing Or MLM

They are both very good ways to build an online business, the only difference is that as an affiliate marketer your are dependent only on yourself where as in multi level marketing you are dependent on your team.

My Experience In Affilate Marketing And Multi Level Marketing

When i first got involved in building an online business I started out in Multi Level Marketing, I found it was very expensive to first join the team because you have to buy the product yourself to be eligible to join and in most multi level marketing companies its high ticket products meaning expensive products.

I also found that building a team of your own was very expensive and difficult because not only do you have to run adverts to attract people but then you have to convince them to join you and to pay for the privilege.

I ended up spending around ten thousand pounds (10k) and never made a single penny.

I decided multi level marketing wasn’t for me but I wasn’t going to give up on my dream of running my own online business so after doing some research I decided to try my hand at affiliate marketing.

I realised early on if I was going to be successful at affiliate marketing then I needed to learn all I could about it. I ended up joining two training programs, the first was Clickbank University which is a paid program but very reasonably priced which teaches you all about building landing pages and how to run successful adverts on Facebook and Google, the second was Wealthy Affiliate which is free to join and they teach you how to build your own website and write articles.

I am still a member of both these programs and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get involved in affiliate marketing. I made my first sale within a month of joining them and I am now full time as an affiliate marketer.

I hope this article has been helpful and please feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments section below.

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