What is the 12 Minute Affiliate System About

Name: 12 Minute Affiliate

Website: www.12minuteaffiliate.com

Price: Basic Membership $47mth / Gold Membership $97mth

Owners: Devon Brown

GaryDavidAffiliatePro.com Rating: 95 out of 100


12 Minute Affiliate, Product Overview

12 Minute Affiliate is a done for you program meaning once you have set it up which only takes an hour or two it basically runs on auto pilot and you can sit back and relax why it does the work for you.

It uses landing pages to build your email list using www.aweber.com and then sends out multiple offers to that list and when people buy those offers you get the commission.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 Its an automated system

PRO #2 Its easy to set up

PRO #3 You can make good money using it

The Bad:

CON #1 Building email lists is not easy

CON #2 Works best on the gold membership which is expensive

Who is 12 Minute Affiliate For?

The great thing about this system is that its for everyone, it doesn’t matter if your a complete novice because it does the work for you and if you already have an email list then that’s even better for you.

If your just starting out in the world of affiliate marketing then this would be a good system to start with.

12 Minute Affiliate Tools & Training

The system is the tool in this case and the training is done by video tutorial. The tools within the system are your landing page with collects email addresses and then your auto responder which sends the product offers to those emails and the funnels are done for you.

12 Minute Affiliate Support

You get 1 on 1 coaching sessions with this system which is a rare thing so the support is excellent.

12 Minute Affiliate Price

Basic Membership

Monthly – $47

One-Time – $397

With this you get landing pages and email templates with the products they recommend for 1 niche of your choice.

Gold Membership

Monthly – $97

One-Time – $797

If you upgrade to the Gold Package you get all 3 niches: Health and Fitness, Online Business and Personal Development.

My Final Opinion of 12 Minute Affiliate

I like the system especially if you are a novice affiliate marketer, I don’t think this will make you rich but i think you will earn a decent living whilst at the same time you’re learning the basics of affiliate marketing.

I am a fan of email marketing because your email list just keeps growing so your sales and profits are growing all the time.


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